From Principal Desk

Dr. Sharda H. Shakya


Dear Stakeholders,

I am very happy to make our college profile open in the form of this website. We are the college with a history of 20 year, we started in 2001. To dispel the darkness from the lives of the poor, is the motto of establishing Vidarbha college of Arts,Comm. and Sci.,Jiwati. Our college is affiliated to Gondwana University, Gadchiroli. With a view to cater to the educational needs of the people in tribal area, who were deprived of education in general and higher education in particular. A very limited number of people from elite class could receive education. Shri Namdevrao Marotrao Deshmukh founder of the college, thought it necessary to broaden the base of education for sustenance of democracy as well as social and national reconstruction. Now we have our own campus, building along with other necessary infrastructure, good and sufficient learning resources supplemented with the modern technology. The academic programmes run by the college are the amalgam of traditional, add on and need-based courses, taught by a team of experienced and efficient faculty. The dedication and the team work of stakeholders have strength of the institution. We have a democratic management in letter and spirit having meaningful participation of teachers in the management and administration. I take this opportunity to congratulate my colleagues and students for their concern.

We are fully aware of our role and responsibility and our conscious of our graduate attribute. Therefore, as a matter of our basic ideology we strive for inclusiveness, diversity, democracy, secularism, openness and sacrifice. We are an institution imparting higher education in the discipline of liberal arts, commerce and science. We plan our activities in consultation with teachers, students and parents who are our direct stakeholders. We believe and work for a very active, enthusiastic and creative campus where students can get good learning experiences formally as well as informally. I must mention the library as the aspect of well equipped. In order to strengthen through self-introspection and bench marking every year we identify a specific theme as a mission of the year and work around it as we need a goal that encompasses our broad aim of quality education.

Be with us. Thank you.